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to slump
to fall heavily and suddenly
not very successful or important
to scoot
to move quickly; also to slide while sitting
a drawl
a slow way of speaking in which the vowel sounds are made longer and words are not separated clearly
to swathe
to wrap round or cover with cloth
to shovel
to move with a shovel
(of a surface) covered with a thick layer of something
a ruse
a trick intended to deceive someone
to turn on
to depend on
to make up
to forgive each other
(esp. of expression in speech or writing) having a complicated structure and therefore difficult to understand
to unravel
to undo (twisted, knitted, or woven threads)
a wee
a very small or little amount; urine
to huff
to breathe loudly, esp. after physical exercise
a brat
a child who behaves badly or one you do not like
a cusp
the dividing line between two very different things
a cleaver
a knife with a large, square blade, used esp. for cutting meat
to flop
to fall or drop heavily; failure