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less than the correct, legal or full amount; barely sufficient (adj.)
to flatter
to say nice things about somebody, often in a way that is not sincere, because you want them to do something for you or you want to please them
to pose a question
to ask a question
to hold against
to remember as a failing or as a misdemeanour on the part of
ardent; zealous; hot
a demise
the time when something stops existing; the death of a person
a protégé
a protected person
sounding like frogs (adj.)
wont (noun / adj.)
an established custom; likely, accustomed (adj.)
a pronouncement
an authoritative declaration
to subside
to become less active, intense,etc.; to abate; to lessen; to diminish; to settle down; to grow quiet
a musing
A calm, lengthy, intent consideration
a rumination
a contemplation, chewing
troublesome and oppressive; burdensome
irregularly torn pieces of cloth, paper, or other material (plural)