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to install
to put something in place so that it is ready for use
to stitch up
to clinch, settle, set the seal on
to maul
to physically attack and badly hurt a person or animal
to step up
to take action when there is a need or opportunity for it
to get to
to have an opportunity to do something
worried or nervous
a cross action
a legal action in which the defendant in an existing action files a suit against the plaintiff on the same subject matter; countersuit
to irradiate
to use radiation (= a form of energy) to destroy something, especially bacteria in food to keep it fresh
to liaise
to work with someone in order to exchange information with them
a vigilante
a person who forces obedience to the law without legal authority to do so, or a member of a group that decides to force obedience to the law without official authority
to take up
to discuss or manage something
a warrant
an official document approved by an authority, esp. a judge, which gives the police permission to do certain things
to sell
to persuade someone to accept an idea or plan, or to cause something to be accepted
to intimidate
to frighten or threaten someone, usually in order to persuade the person to do something he or she does not wish to do
to rig
to arrange in a dishonest way for selfish advantage; manipulate fraudulently; fix
a duckling
a young duck
quiet, gentle, and always ready to do what other people want without expressing you own opinion
a fetish
an activity or object which you are so interested in that you spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about it or doing it
to swig
to drink something in large swallows
a bulkhead
a wall which divides the inside of a ship or aircraft
a fuselage
the main part of an aircraft
drunk; intoxicated