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an upholstery
coverings and cushions for furniture
on hold
Into a state of temporary interruption without severing a telephone connection; Into a state of delay or indeterminate suspension; (to be ...)
a means
the money or income that allows you to buy things or services
very beautiful
a bounty hunter
someone who searches for criminals or hunts animals in exchange for a reward
to back away
to move backwards, in fear or dislike
to plant
to put something firmly in a particular place
to pan out
to develop or be successful
to take on
to start a fight with someone (especially someone bigger or better than you)
having had more of something than you can easily have at one time (adj.)
to heed
to listen to and follow advice
to emancipate
to set free; liberate
to set up
to establish someone on a particular path through life esp. by paying for something or supplying money
a decoy
a lure or bait
a tram
a car that travels on a heavy wire up mountains or across rivers; cable car
to hole up
to stay in a safe place, often as a way of escape
to extort
to obtain by force or threat
a racketeering
the act or practice of making money through dishonest or illegal activities
to cut a deal
to reach an agreement
to fly
to be successful: people accept or approve of it