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to reassign
to give an employee a different job, or to arrange for an employee to work in a different place
strongly controlled
a commissioner
an official in charge of a government department or other organization
to mince words
to be careful about what you say in order to be polite or not offend someone
to vouch for
to support the truth of something or the good character of someone, based on your knowledge or experience
a penthouse
a comfortable, expensive apartment or set of rooms at the top of a hotel or tall building
to undo
to remove the effects of something that happened earlier
to take down
to defeat or kill someone, or to stop someone from causing harm
a topside
the uppermost side of anything
to rack up
to obtain or achieve something, or to score goals or points
a lint
a fluff; very small pieces of hair, dust, or cloth that stick together
not clear or not easily heard, seen, or understood
to blush
to become redder or darker in the face, usually from embarrassment
(especially of activities) evil or immoral
to rescind
to make a law, order, or decision no longer have any legal effect
secretly, or in a hidden way
(of something) not what it appears or claims to be; false but made to look real; (adv.)
to single out
to choose one person or thing from a group for special attention, especially criticism or praise
acting in a way that is too confident for someone in your social class or for your young age (adv.)
lasting for only a short time