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to dump
to put down or drop something heavy without caring where it goes, or to get rid of something or someone no longer wanted
a sniper
someone who, while hidden, tries to shoot a person with a gun
to rappel
to abseil; to go down a very steep slope by holding on to a rope which is fastened to the top of the slope
a tally
a record or count of a number of items
to make good on
to fulfill a promise; or repay a debt
a pageant
a show, celebration, or parade (= a large number of people walking or marching together), esp. one in which people wear special clothing or act out events from the past
catmint; a plant with a strong smell that attracts cats and makes them excited; (no article)
to be crawling with
to be completely covered with or full of a particular type of thing
a mockingjay
the result of the genetically created Capitol jabberjays mating with female mockingbirds and creating a unique species
to have a big hand for
to clap and cheer for someone
to tune out
to stop paying attention to something or someone
needing too much effort
away from the center or main area
to hose
to clean something with water
to crane
to stretch in order to look at something
a punk
a young person who fights and is involved in criminal activities
to reflect on
to give people a particular opinion of someone or something
to take out
to arrange to get something from a company, bank, etc.
to contain
to control; to keep within limits; not to allow to spread