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a whiff
a smell that you notice briefly
a crush
a strong but temporary attraction for someone
"thwarted by a malign star" or that the stars are working against the relationship
a bloodbath
the killing of a great number of people
very hot, or very powerful
to root for
to express your support for the success of someone or something
an underdog
the weaker of two competitors, or anyone not expected to win a competition
describes a hairstyle in which the hair is arranged in a high rounded shape
a netizen
Net "citizen"; a person who uses the Internet
a backlash
a strong, negative reaction to something, esp. to change
showing hard work, care and attention to detail
to carp
to complain about unimportant matters
a stock-in-trade
a person's typical way of behaving, or a skill that is usual for someone
to sculpt
make a sculpture
to taper
to become gradually narrower
a file
a line of people or animals, one behind another
a stool
a seat without any support for the back or arms
to sport
to wear or be decorated with something
a pancake
a type of make-up that actors use