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to keep (close) tabs on
to watch someone carefully to see what they do, or to watch something carefully
a bull's-eye
the circle in the centre of a target that you try to hit in the sports of shooting or archery, or in the game of darts
an act
one of a set of short performances that are parts of a show, or the person or group who performs one of these parts
a shrink
a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or psychoanalyst
to excite
to cause a particular reaction in someone
to parry
to defend yourself from a weapon or an attack by pushing the weapon away or by putting something between your body and the weapon
to joust
to fight with a lance while riding on a horse, especially as a sport
competing in a strong and unfair way, without considering any harm caused to others (adv.)
to spout
to send out liquid or flames quickly and with force, or of liquid or flame to flow quickly; to talk, especially for a long time or in a boring way
bar none
with no exceptions (expression)
to ensue
to happen after something else, esp. as a result of it
to blow off
to decide not to do something you are expected to do, or not to meet someone you are expected to meet; to behave as if you think someone or something is unimportant
to put up
to suggest that someone should be elected to a particular position
a mascot
a person, animal, or object used as a symbol and believed to bring good luck
to catch sb out
to unexpectedly cause difficulty for someone
to horn in
to interrupt or try to become involved in something when you are not welcome
to dig
to like, understand, or appreciate
to bid
to give a greeting to someone, or to ask someone to do something