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orange juice (abbreviation/acronym)
to take hold of
to start holding someone or something
to splice
to join the ends of something so that they become one piece
to thrive
to grow, develop, or be successful
to deluge
to send a very large volume of something to someone
a techie
someone who works with and knows a lot about technical things, especially relating to computers
a quest for
a long search for something that is difficult to find (expression)
to entice
to attract someone to a particular place or activity by offering something pleasant or advantageous
for one thing
used when mentioning one reason for something as an example, when there are several reasons (expression)
a deadbeat
someone who owes money and does not pay it, or someone who avoids doing work
to etch
to cut a pattern, picture, etc., in a surface
to thrill
to make someone feel very excited and pleased
morally bad and low in quality, but trying to attract people by a showy appearance or false manner
an illegal drug, especially cannabis (no article)
to cobble together
to make something quickly and without a lot of care, using whatever is available
in a style that is informal and unusual
untidy and dirty
a sensation
a great excitement or interest, or someone or something that causes excitement
an attendee
someone who attends a performance, meeting, speech, etc
to spawn
to cause something new, or many new things, to grow or start suddenly