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an upside
the positive part of a situation
to gauge
to calculate an amount by using a measuring device or by your own judgment, or to make a judgment about people’s feelings
to defy
to refuse to obey or to do something in the usual or expected way
a hotcake
a pancake
to mushroom
to grow quickly
a watershed
a high area of land where rain collects - an event or period that is important because it represents a big change and the start of new developments
to slug
to hit someone hard; punch (baseball)
the suit that players decide will be worth the most in a card game (pl., no article)
a niche
a job, position, or place that is very suitable for someone
a warhorse
an old and experienced politician, soldier or athlete, especially one who is still active
to supplant
to take the place of
to bestride
to sit or stand with a leg on either side of an object or animal
to trounce
to defeat a competitor by a large amount
a hotshot
someone who is skillful and successful at something
to make out
to continue or succeed in life or in business
a sojourn
a temporary stay at one place, esp. while traveling
to eclipse
to become much more important and noticeable than something
a conundrum
a problem that is difficult to deal with
to commission
to choose someone to do a piece of work, or to have a piece of work done