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to get/have on the hump
to feel annoyed or offended
to catch up on
to do something that you have not been able to do recently
to be tied up
to be busy and not available
a bull
nonsense or a lie (noun)
to be cooking
to be happening or being planned, often secretly
to give a blast
to alert someone (i. e. by a horn or an alarm)
describes a place that is very full of people or things (expression)
to churn out
to produce something automatically, without much thought, and in large amounts
a prerogative
a right that a particular person or group has
to sap
to make someone feel weak
a hassle
a situation that causes problems for you or that annoys you very much
to seal off
to prevent people from entering an area or a building
to hold off
to stop something from happening, or to be delayed
a slip-up
a mistake that someone makes by not giving something enough attention
to brush aside
to refuse to give importance to an opinion or request, or to someone who expresses one
a wing
an air force unit larger than a group but smaller than a division.
stated or admitted
to have a fit
to get very angry and shout or become violent
a pep pill
a drug that makes you feel livelier or happier and is sometimes taken illegally
intended to prevent disease or infection, 2. condom