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to shoot off
to leave a place quickly or suddenly
a frame
a person’s body when referring to its size or structure
a twit
a person you think is stupid or foolish
over and out
said when you are talking to someone by radio in order to end the conversation (expression)
hopping mad
fume; to be extremely angry about something but try not to show other people how angry you are (adv.)
to clobber
to hit hard; 2 defeat
to jam
to block a radio, television, or other electronic signal by broadcasting another signal on the same wavelength
to give a hoot
to care
a heading
a word or phrase that gives a general description of a type of person or thing
a peon
a Spanish-American day labourer or unskilled farm worker
to barrel
to travel or move very fast
a bolt
a small metal bar that slides across a door or window to lock it; 2 a part of a gun that pushes the cartridge into position to be fired.
a hare lip
a cleft palate; a medical condition in which there is a narrow space inside someone's mouth at the top, so that it is difficult for them to speak clearly
an ident
an image or short film shown on television which tells you which channel you are watching; short for identification
a transponder
a piece of electronic equipment used for communicating with radio or radar. It sends a reply every time that it receives a signal.
to home in on
to aim for and move directly toward something or someone
the amount of time that is needed for a substance to lose one half of its radioactivity (no article)
to impart
to give something a particular quality
to stash
to put something in a safe or secret place, usually so that you can use it later
to knock out
to destroy something, or to stop it working