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to stand up to
to not allow yourself to be treated badly, especially by someone in authority
to sack
to steal all the valuable things from a place and destroy it, usually during a war
to buy off someone
to give someone money so that person will help you or let you do something that is not legal
a standard
a flag used as the symbol of a person, group, or organization
a staging post
a place where travellers can stop during a long journey by land
a heathen
an insulting word for someone who is not a Christian or a follower of another major established religion
a scout
a person, esp. a soldier, sent out to get information about the enemy
an upstart
a person, especially a young one, who has suddenly got power or an important position and takes advantage of this in an unpleasant way
to summon
to find, call, or gather together something for use
to quibble
to argue or complain about small and unimportant details
a pledge
a formal promise, or something that is given as a sign that you will keep a promise
a taint
the appearance of being connected with something bad or wrong
a holder
someone who officially owns something
to cut
to reduce something such as the amount or level of something
to sniff out
to find something through smell; discover
a headmistress
a female teacher who is in charge of a school. A more usual word is headteacher. The usual American word is principal.
a hit man
a man who is paid to murder someone
a dirtbag
A filthy or vile person.
on top of
in control of a situation and aware of changes (expression)