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nervous or anxious
if a goose or another bird honks, it makes a loud noise
let alone
used to indicate that something is far less likely or suitable than something else already mentioned; and to an even greater degree do something
to sprout
to begin to grow, or to produce new growth
behaving strangely, or very silly
easily shocked, over sensitive
a dollop
a small amount of a substance
healthy or strong, or in good condition
gammy; malfunctioning, injured, or lame
the selfsame
exactly the same (definite article)
to prat
to behave stupidly, especially when you should be behaving in a responsible way
a pennant
a flag shaped like a triangle
very pleased about something
to shoo
to tell an animal or a person to go away, especially by saying 'shoo' and waving your hands
a splint
a flat piece of material that does not bend, used to support a broken bone and to keep it in one position
to shy
(of a horse) to move back suddenly, esp. from fear or surprise
to muck about
to waste time, especially when you should be doing something useful or paying attention
to sour
to become bad or unpleasant, or cause someone to feel bad or unhappy
not a patch on
much less good than something (expression)
to bottle out
to not do something because you do not feel brave enough