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to club together
each of them gives some money so that all the money collected can be used to buy something (verb)
a crutch
a stick with a piece that fits under the arm, which you lean on for support if you have difficulty in walking
a quail
a small brown bird with a short tail, sometimes hunted as a sport and eaten as a food
to blitz
to defeat someone easily in a sports game or competition
to seek
to try or attempt
to flush out
to clean something using a lot of water; 2 to force a person or animal to leave a place where they have been hiding
to toast
to make a short speech and take a drink in honor of someone or in celebration of something
an apprentice
a person who works for an expert to learn a particular skill or job
to chomp
to bite on something and make a chewing movement with your teeth
a big mouth
they often say things which are meant to be kept secret (noun)
to stow
to put something in a place where it can be kept safely
a slob
a person who is messy, unattractive, and rude;
a galley
a kitchen in a ship or aircraft
the bow
the front part of a ship (definite article)
the stern
the back end of a ship (definite article)
to bring someone around
to persuade someone to have the same opinion as you have
to gash
to make a long deep cut in something
the rudder
flat blade at the back of a boat or aircraft that is moved from side to side in order to control the direction of travel (definite article)
a tender
a small boat used for carrying people or goods to larger boats in a port