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to freak out
to be very excited or emotional, or to cause someone be this way
feeling extremely happy, excited, or full of energy
a bong
a musical noise made especially by a large clock; 2 a pipe used for smoking the drug cannabis that sends the smoke through water to make it colder
(in a building or structure for viewing sports) seats that are usually not covered and often farthest from the action
to smirk
to smile in a way that expresses satisfaction with yourself
to be into it
to be interested in or involved with something
drunk; intoxicated
pissed off
to be angry at or annoyed about something (adj.)
a man's testicles (pl., no article)
a blinker
a light on the outside of a vehicle which turns on and off quickly to show other people you are going to turn in that direction
to ossify
to become bone, or to change something into bone
a demarcation
establishing borders or limits between areas, groups, or things (noun)
to writhe
to make twisting movements with the body, esp. because you are feeling strong emotion
trigonometry (abbreviation, no article)
"spastic" and "one who is inept"
the members of a group or organization, or members of the armed service who are not officers (pl., no article)
used for admitting that someone has said something better, funnier, or cleverer in answer
a genie
a spirit, esp. a magical spirit who will do whatever the person who controls it asks it to do