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a spillway
a passageway through which surplus water escapes from a reservoir, lake
a marshal
a government official who is responsible for putting the decisions of a law court into action
an elevated train (abbreviation)
a quack
a person who falsely pretends to have medical skills or knowledge
(in a medical direction or prescription) immediately: Latin: statum
a janitor
a person whose job is to clean and take care of a building
continuing professional development: training and education that continues throughout a person's career in order to improve the skills and knowledge they use in their job (abbreviation/acronym)
nervous or suspicious; acting suspiciously
a junket
an unnecessary trip by a government official which is paid for with public money
ready to move, or prepared
(of land) uneven and wild; not easy to travel over
push your luck
to take a big risk by doing something that is likely to cause you trouble (expression)
a thug
a man who acts violently, esp. a criminal
to live off
to depend on someone or something for the money or food that you need
to walk out
to suddenly leave a person who needs you or a situation that depends on you
a rancher
someone who owns or works on a ranch
to stand a chance
to be likely to achieve something
to wipe out
to make someone extremely tired