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to make himself scarce
to stay away from a particular place in order to avoid a difficult or embarrassing situation
having difficulty in speaking, usually because of being nervous (adj.)
to wobble
to shake or move from side to side in a way that shows a lack of balance
a stilt
one of two long pieces of wood with supports for the feet which allow you to stand and walk high above the ground
stately movement is slow and steady
to put someone through school
to pay for someone to be a student at a school,
to come around
to change your opinion or decision
Internal Revenue Service (= the part of the US Treasury Department that collects most taxes owed to the federal government, including income tax) (abbreviation/acronym)
a parlor
a store that sells a stated product, or a business that provides a stated service
to caddy
to carry the golf clubs for a golf player
news or information about someone or something (no article)
expressing something effectively and with power
a trailer park
a caravan site; either on holiday or as a permanent place to live
a loophole
something that has been left out of a law or legal document that people can use to avoid obeying it
a charter
an act of renting a vehicle for a special use, esp. by a group of people
a blowhard
someone who talks too much about themselves or the things they have achieved
a condo
a condominium; a building that contains several flats
to sprain
to stretch or tear the tissue that limits the movement of a joint in the body
a giveaway
something provided at no charge, or for which nothing is expected in return