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a crook
a criminal, especially one who steals money
an overpass
a flyover; a bridge that takes one road above another road
a fed
someone employed by the US government to do police work, especially an officer in the FBI
likely to hurt yourself or break something as a result of an accident
a parole
the permission for a prisoner to leave prison before the official time if they promise to obey particular rules
to last
to continue to stay alive or be well, or to continue to be able to do a job, in spite of difficulties
a pedicure
a treatment for your feet and toenails that makes them look and feel good
showing strong moral principles
a rookie
someone who has just started doing a job or activity and does not have much experience
an indictment
an official statement accusing someone of committing a serious crime
a person who looks strong but is not tall
to limp
to walk with difficulty because of an injured leg or foot
a run-in
a disagreement or fight, especially with someone in an official position; the approach to an action or event
to do time
to be in prison
a snitch
a person who tells someone in authority about something wrong you have done
a felony
a serious crime such as murder or robbery
to indict
to accuse someone officially of a serious crime
to give someone notice
to tell someone that they must leave their job