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to apply yourself
to work very hard on something for a long time
a flophouse
a cheap hotel, especially one that has many beds in one room
to cramp
to prevent something from developing as successfully as it could
a jungle gym
climbing frame; a large structure designed for children to climb on
the part of your body that you use for sitting on (no article)
strange and mysterious
a shot
a chance or attempt to do or get something
to hold off
to delay doing something
a puppy
used instead of the name of something, especially when you do not know what the thing is called (noun)
to shove
to move something, or to put it somewhere, quickly and carelessly
to figure
to believe
to coil
to wind something long and thin into a shape like a series of rings
weak and likely to change
a prick
a man's penis
a thrush
a small or medium-sized songbird, typically having a brown back, spotted breast, and loud song; an infectious disease in which you have white spots inside your mouth; a chronic condition affecting the frog of a horse's foot
quick to argue or become annoyed with people
honest and deserving respect
to hold up
to remain strong or in a fairly good condition
to zone out
to stop paying attention to something or someone
a tug
a short strong pull