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a notch
a step, degree, or grade
complete; unrestrained
used as an expression of surprise or slight fear
a chart-topper
(of a popular singer, group, or recording) st. having reached the top of the music charts
consisting of people who do a lot of activities together
to strum
to play a guitar or other musical instrument by moving your fingers quickly across its strings
to nab
to catch someone or take something suddenly
to zap
to move something quickly
a blunderbuss
an old-fashioned gun with a wide mouth that shoots a lot of small metal balls
a slat
a thin, narrow piece of wood, plastic, or metal used to make such things as floors, furniture, or window coverings
a proviso
a part of a legal document that states that something must happen or be done
planning or tending to plan for the future; forward-looking (no article)
a gat
gatling gun; a pistol or revolver.
to defuse
to make a difficult or dangerous situation calmer
to purge
to remove something bad or wrong
a vagrant
a person who has no home or job
the grapevine
an unofficial, informal way of getting information by hearing about it from someone who heard it from someone else (definite article)
to rustle up
to quickly produce something such as a meal using whatever is available