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poliomyelitis; a serious infectious disease that mostly affects children. It destroys muscle and can cause paralysis (no article)
to opt out
to decide not to take part in something or to stop taking part in it
to harness
to put a harness on an animal or a person; make use of
to preempt
to prevent by acting first
do it to a great degree (adj.)
to be capable of being drawn out or stretched
a pellet
a small, hard, ball-shaped or tube-shaped piece of any substance
the limits or borders of something (pl., no article)
an assailant
someone who attacks another
a rap
an accusation that someone has committed a crime, or punishment for a crime
a luge
a sledge used for racing on ice. The person using it lies on their back with their feet pointing forward
a unitard
a one-piece leotard with full-length stockings; bodysuit.
a leotard
a garment that covers the midsection of a woman, very similar to a bathing suit. Often worn with tights. Used for dancing and exercise "Stacy wore her * and tights to aerobics class"
a branzino
a kind of fish
to lie low
to hide so you will not be found
to snoop
to look around a place secretly in order to discover things about it
a clot
a lump consisting of blood or another liquid that has become thick
on the verge of vomiting; nauseated
late in happening or arriving
a bust
a complete failure