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to goof
to make a foolish or embarrassing mistake
that's a wrap
used for showing that you have finished something (expression)
a thud
the sound that is made when something heavy falls or hits something else
silly or stupid
knock it off
stop doing that
to line up
to organize or arrange in succession
fat from animals which is used for making soap and, especially in the past, candles (no article)
a butterball
a chubby person
having gotten to a very old age (adj.)
to mope
to be unhappy and unwilling to think or act in a positive manner, esp. because you are disappointed
(esp. of children) rounded in a pleasant and attractive way
to slink
to walk or leave quietly, esp. because you do not want to be noticed or are ashamed of something
a potentate
a ruler who has a lot of power, especially one whose power is not limited, for example by the existence of a parliament
a bassoon
a tube-shaped musical instrument that produces low notes and is played by blowing through two reeds (= thin pieces of wood) and pressing keys on its front to produce notes, or this type of instrument
a lanyard
a loose thick string worn around the neck, on which you hang small objects such as knives or whistles
a coop
a cage where small animals and birds are kept
a tackle
the equipment used in fishing or to lift or raise things on a ship