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a boardwalk
a path usually built of wooden boards near the sea, often raised above the back part of a beach
a bandstand
a covered place where musical groups can play outside
the esprit de corps
the proud and comfortable feeling that you are a member of a group whose purpose you believe in (definite article)
a stage fright
the fear felt by actors or singers before a performance
(of people and animals) nervous and easily frightened
a situation in which there is little or no order or control (no article)
a racket
a loud, annoying noise
a squabble
a disagreement, often about an unimportant matter
a snot
a green or yellow substance sometimes produced in the nose, esp. when a person has a cold; The polite word for this is mucus.
a tomboy
a girl who takes part in activities and games that people think are more suitable for boys
a sting
it causes you to feel pain
to pick a fight
to intentionally start a fight
an advert
a commercial; short for advertisement
acting in a way that is too confident for someone in your social class or for your young age (adv.)
to ditch
to get rid of
to sort out
to deal successfully with a problem or a situation
attractive because of being unusual and esp. old-fashioned
a bugger
someone who is stupid or annoying
to fall out
to stop being friendly with someone because you have had a disagreement with them