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to crank up
to increase the level or degree of something
to fall to doing
to start doing something
to get into your head
to decide to do something, and be determined to do it even if other people do not like it
a grit
bravery and strength of character
to cost dear
to cause a lot of problems for someone, or to make them lose a lot of money
to slight
to insult someone by not paying attention or by treating the person as unimportant
not willing to spend your money or give any to anyone (adj.)
to take up
to continue to discuss or deal with an idea, problem, or suggestion
to often be stealing things (adj.)
to tote
to carry something with you
a shoat
a shot; a piglet that has recently been weaned
to scald
to burn someone with very hot liquid or steam
to holler
to shout or call loudly
to cuss
to curse
a blackguard
a person, usually a man, who is not honest or fair and has no moral principles
to edge over
to move somewhere slowly, carefully, and with small movements
a bushwhack
an ambush
a pig in a poke
something that you have bought without seeing it first (expression)
a nubbin
a small or imperfect ear of corn
a stump
the part of a tree, arm, etc. that is left after another part has been removed