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a parley
a discussion between two groups of people, especially one that is intended to end an argument
to flay
to whip a person or animal so hard that some of their skin comes off
to antedate
to suit
to be convenient or suitable for someone
going from place to place in order to find people to attack or things to steal or destroy (adj.)
to clamber
to climb somewhere with difficulty
an expectorant
a type of cough medicine used to make phlegm (= thick liquid) less thick in the lungs
a dugout
a shelter where baseball players sit when they are not on the field
a poise
a behavior or a way of moving that shows calm confidence
to pan out
to develop or be successful
to bow out
to give up something, or to decide not to do something that you were considering doing
a cohort
a person or a group of people who support a particular person, usually a leader
to dunk
to put a cookie, bread, pastry, etc. into a liquid such as coffee or soup for a short time before eating it
an inception
the beginning of an organization or official activity
a fitting
an occasion when you try on clothing being made or adjusted
a deuce
a playing card with the number two or two marks on it
a chassis
the frame of a vehicle, including the wheels and engine, which supports the upper, covering part
a pawn
a person who is controlled by others and used for their own advantage
a safe house
a building that is used for hiding people or protecting them from danger