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to thatch
to cover a roof of a building with dried plants such as straw or reeds
based on emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought
visceral muscle
any of the muscles that work automatically and are found in the organs of the body such as the stomach and lungs
to tap
to obtain or make use of something
to barge
to force your way rudely or suddenly and quickly
to doll up
to make someone or yourself look attractive for a special occasion
to hold it together
to stay together and continue to have a good relationship in a difficult situation
a trip
someone who is very funny and enjoyable to be with
to spruce up
to improve the appearance of something by making it neater or by adding decorations
to head out
to depart, to begin a journey
to comp
to give someone something without them having to pay for it
to take off
to leave a place suddenly
a lezzie
a lesbian (pejorative)
a shrug
a woman's short jacket or close-fitting cardigan
strong or solid
a meathead
blockhead; dunce; fool
a trepidation
a great worry or fear about something unpleasant that may happen
an ordeal
an experience that is very painful, difficult, or tiring
strongly influenced by someone or feeling the effects of something
a strudel
a type of pastry with fruit or nuts inside