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Chapter 10D - Existential sentences

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Kirjastossa on opettajia
There are teachers at the library
Torilla on ihmisiä
There are people on the market square
Kadulla on autoja
There are cars on the street
Lentokentällä on lentokoneita
There are planes at the airport
Koulussa on vihaisia opettajia
There are angry teachers at school
Sairaalassa on lääkäreitä ja sairaanhoitajia
There are doctors and nurses at the hospital
Torilla on puolukoita ja karpaloita
There are lingonberries and cranberries at the market square
Pankissa on pieniä seteleitä
There are small bank notes in the bank
Ravintolassa on sieniä ja hedelmiä
There are mushrooms and fruit at the restaurant
Kaupungissa on ostoskeskuksia
There are malls in the city
Kirjakaupassa on kirjoja ja lehtiä
There are books and newspapers/magazines at the bookshop
Ruokakaupassa on kurkkuja ja tomaatteja
There are cucumbers and tomatoes at the grocery shop
Sillalla on kalliita autoja
There are expensive cars on the bridge
Poliisiasemalla on mukavia poliiseja
There are nice police officers at the police station
Rakennuksessa on iloisia ihmisiä
There are happy people in the building
Kartanossa on ikkunoita ja ovia
There are windows and doors in the manor
Kaupungissa on kirjastoja ja sairaaloita
There are libraries and hospitals in the city
Satamassa on isoja laivoja
There are big ships at the port
Rautatieasemalla on junia
There are trains at the railway station
Laatikossa on tavaroita
There are objects in the box
Junassa on suuria laatikoita
There are large boxes in the train
Toimistossa on sihteerejä
There are secretaries at the office