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Birray ngaya
I am a boy
Miyay ngaya
I am a girl
Gayrr ngaya Georgia
My name is Georgia
Gayrr ngaya Kevin
My name is Kevin
Mil ngaya buluuy
I have dark eyes
Mil ngaya banggabaa
I have light eyes
Dhaygal ngaya buluuy
I have dark hair
Dhaygal ngaya banggabaa
I have light hair
Dhaygal ngaya guwaymbarra
I have red hair
Maal ngay dhagaan
I have one brother
Maal ngay baawaa
I have one sister
Bulaarr ngay dhagaan
I have two brothers
Bulaarr ngay baawaa
I have two sisters
Gulibaa ngay baawaa
I have three sisters
Gulibaa ngay dhagaan
I have three brothers