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Phrases: Make Them Smile

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en pointe
a point (in an argument)
hvad er pointen?
what's the point?
hvad er planen?
what's the plan?
sense; meaning; opinion
at give mening
to make sense
giver det mening?
does that make sense?
det gav ingen mening
that made no sense
hvad tænker du på?
what's on your mind?
at glæde sig til ...
to look (oneself) forward to ...
vi glæder os til at se dig
we look forward to seeing you
vi glæder os til at møde dig
we look forward to meeting you
et fjols
a fool
vær ikke sådan et fjols!
don't be such a fool!
rolig nu!
calm down!
vær stille!
be quiet!