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at stå
to stand
at sidde
to sit
at være ved at ...
to be doing (something)
when (at a point in the past)
i øjeblikket
at the moment
lige nu
right now
mens vi står og snakker
as we (stand and) speak
vi sidder og spiser aftensmad i haven lige nu
we're having dinner in the garden right now
jeg var ved at købe hans gave da han gik ind i butikken
I was buying his present when he walked into the shop
han var ved at spise kagen da jeg fandt ham
he was eating the cake when I found him
de ankommer til København mens vi står og snakker
they're arriving in Copenhagen right this second
tandlægen kigger på hendes tand lige nu
the dentist is looking at her tooth right now
de står og taler dansk i øjeblikket
they're speaking Danish at the moment