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Health Examination

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en sygdom
a disease
et sår
a cut; a wound
et anfald
an attack (medical)
et hjerteanfald
a heart attack
at ligge ned
to lie down
at lægge ... ned
to lay ... down; to put ... down
at sidde ned
to sit down
at sætte ... ned
to sit (oneself) down; to put ... down
at rejse ... op
to stand (oneself or something) up
at undersøge
to examine
at dø
to die
at komme sig
to recover (oneself)
at overleve
to survive
en skade
an injury
vær venlig at sætte dig
please sit down
jeg er nødt til at undersøge din ryg
I have to examine your back
du har en sjælden sygdom
you have a rare disease
din kone er gravid
your wife is pregnant
du skal ikke dø
you aren't going to die