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Turbulent Weather

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en brise
a breeze
suntan lotion
rubber boots
jeg må ikke ...
I can't ... ; I'm not allowed ...
at komme til ...
to accidentally ... ; will ... (future)
det kommer til ...
it'll ... (future)
der var risiko for stærk vind
there was a risk of strong wind
der var en lille chance for solskin
there was a small chance of sunshine
... så vi tog solcreme med
... so we brought suntan lotion
de må ikke glemme deres gummistøvler
they must not forget their rubber boots
det kommer til at regne i morgen, så de skal bruge deres regnfrakker
it'll rain tomorrow, so they'll need their raincoats
jeg kom til at tage din paraply
I accidentally took your umbrella
det regnede så meget, vi ikke kunne gå udenfor
it rained so much, we couldn't go outside