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Dreams and Ambitions

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en drøm
a dream
at drømme
to dream
en stjerne
a star
en popstjerne
a pop star
en instruktør
a director (of films)
en ekspert
an expert
en båd
a boat
en musiker
a musician
en skuespiller
an actor; an actress
en designer
a designer
at tage en uddannelse
to get a degree
at rejse verden rundt
to travel the world
at åbne
to open
at lukke
to close
at starte
to start
at ønske
to wish; to want
whole; entire
min datter vil være popstjerne
my daughter wants to be a pop star
han vil rejse verden rundt
he wants to travel the world
hans familie er fattig, så han vil være rig
his family is poor, so he wants to be rich
jeg ønskede at blive en berømt forfatter hele mit liv
I wished to become a famous writer my whole life
det er min drøm at blive musiker
it's my dream to become a musician
jeg drømte altid om at blive professionel golfspiller
I always dreamed of becoming a professional golf player