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at stige
to rise
at ryste
to shake
at ryste på hovedet
to shake (one's) head
at give hinanden hånden
to shake each other's hands
at nikke
to nod
at gå ind
to enter
at være udgået for ...
to be out of ...
at beskytte
to protect
at acceptere
to accept
at søge
to seek
at meddele
to state
at fastslå
to establish; to set in stone
at notere
to note
en beslutning
a decision
at beslutte
to decide
at tage en beslutning
to make a decision
at tyde på
to indicate
at nævne
to mention
at kræve
to require; to demand
at påstå
to claim; to assert
jeg fortalte dig jeg ikke havde flere penge på telefonen
I told you I didn't have any more credit on my phone
de påstår de bare beskyttede børnene
they claim they were only protecting the children
kongen og dronningen meddelte at de skulle være forældre
the king and queen stated that they were going to be parents
han noterede at forretningen var lukket klokken tolv
he noted that the store was closed at noon
beviserne tyder på at du er skyldig
the evidence indicates that you're guilty