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Welcoming the Press

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the press
en pressekonference
a press conference
en kilde
a source
en afsender
a sender
en bevægelse
a movement
en begivenhed
an event
en konto
an account
en kampagne
a campaign
at køre en kampagne
to run a campaign
en generation
a generation
en tendens
a tendency
at have en tendens til ...
to tend to ...
at lægge på
to hang up (the phone)
at tage telefonen
to pick up (the phone)
at finde ud af
to find out
at påvirke
to affect
at gå galt
to go wrong
at ske
to happen
at bemærke
to notice
at relatere
to relate
at forhindre
to prevent
at referere til ...
to refer to ...
at bestemme
to determine
at indrømme
to admit