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en liste
a list
en huskeliste
a shopping list; a to-do list
at behandle
to treat
at etablere
to establish; to found
at vedligeholde
to maintain (in good condition)
at tilføje
to add
at involvere
to involve
at tjekke
to check
at tjekke om ...
to check if ...
at høre fra ...
to hear from ...
at overveje
to consider
yet; still
på nuværende tidspunkt
by now
har du tilføjet smørret endnu?
have you added the butter yet?
har du overvejet at få briller?
have you considered getting glasses?
har du tjekket om vi købte alt på huskelisten?
did you check if we bought everything on the shopping list?
vi burde have tilføjet æggene på nuværende tidspunkt
we should have added the eggs by now
har du hørt fra hende siden i går?
have you heard from her since yesterday?
han har altid behandlet hende godt
he has always treated her well