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만일 당신이 그곳에 있었다면 당신도 그 이야기를 들었을 거예요
if you had been there you would have heard the story as well
만일 우리가 더 많은 달걀을 샀었다면, 우리는 케이크를 만들 수 있었을 거예요
if we had bought more eggs we could have made a cake
만일 당신이 그곳에 있었다면 나는 당신의 입장 역시 들었을 거예요
if you had been there, I would have heard your side of the story as well
만일 당신이 단지 문자만 했었다면 나는 그렇게 걱정하지는 않았을 거예요
if you had only sent a text, I wouldn't have been so worried
만일 그가 그의 문제들을 처리했었다면 그는 괜찮았을 거예요
if he had dealt with his problems, he would have been fine