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el mundo
the world
la obra
the piece (of art); the play (theater)
el jardín
the garden
la fiesta
the party
el club
the club
me encantaría ...
I would love to ...
to get (oneself) up
no one; anyone
everyone; the whole world
with me
with you
quiere ver el mundo
he wants to see the world
¿quieres venir a la fiesta conmigo?
do you want to come to the party with me?
me encantaría, pero mañana tengo que levantarme temprano
I would love to, but I have to get up early tomorrow
no quiero hacer nada
I don't want to do anything
nadie quiere pasar el rato conmigo
no one wants to hang out with me
¿por qué no?
why not?