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el árbol
the tree
la cascada
the waterfall
el río
the river
la carretera
the road
la señal
the sign
la señal de carretera
the road sign
to get (oneself) lost
to try (to do something)
to enter; to go into ...
al final
mi marido dijo: "Espero que no nos perdamos"
my husband said "I hope we don't get lost"
entramos en la jungla
we went into the jungle
intentamos andar hacia la cascada, pero era demasiado peligroso
we tried to walk towards the waterfall, but it was too dangerous
de repente, nuestro guía se había ido
suddenly, our tour guide was gone
al final, encontramos una señal de carretera
finally, we found a road sign
seguimos el río, así que no nos perdimos
we followed the river, so we didn't get lost