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la electrónica
la industria
the industry
la moda
the fashion
el servicio
the service
el saldo
the balance (money); the credit
to rise; to lift; to pick (something) up
to nod
to deny
negar con la cabeza
to shake one's head
darse la mano
to shake hands
quedarse sin ...
to be out of ... ; to run out of ...
to protect
to state; to declare
to indicate
to mention
a mediodía
at noon
a medianoche
at midnight
todos dijeron que él negó con la cabeza
they all said he shook his head
te dije que me quedé sin saldo en el teléfono
I told you I was out of credit on my phone
dicen que solo estaban protegiendo a los niños
they claim they were only protecting the children
el rey y la reina dijeron que iban a ser padres
the king and queen stated that they were going to be parents
vio que la tienda de electrónicos estaba cerrada a mediodía
he saw that the electronics store was closed at noon
las pruebas indican que eres culpable
the evidence indicates that you're guilty