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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

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el consejo
the (piece of) advice
el mensaje
the message
to lend
tomar prestado
to borrow
la atención
the attention
prestar atención
to pay attention
to complain (oneself)
to forget
yo solo
myself (on my own)
tú solo
yourself (on your own)
lo hice yo solo
I did it myself
¿lo hiciste tú sola?
did you do it yourself?
déjame hacerlo
let me do it
déjame darte un consejo
let me give you some advice
deberías oírte
you should listen to yourself
deberías olvidarlo
you should forget him
deberías perdonarlo
you should forgive him
no debería contarlo a nadie
she shouldn't tell anyone
¿debería perdonar a mi novio?
should I forgive my boyfriend?