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Vowels Vs Consonants

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e ə ɪ ʊ æ ʌ ɒ
short vowels
ɑː iː uː ɜː ɔː ɒː
long vowels
_______ made by combining two vowels.
aɪ eɪ ɔɪ aʊ əʊ oʊ ʊə ɪə eə
larynx vibrating
voiceless consonants pronounced without the ______ _______
vocal cords
Voiced consonants occur when the _____ ______ vibrate.
b d g v z ʒ dʒ ð m n ŋ l r j w
voiced consonants
p t k f s h ʃ tʃ θ
voiceless consonants