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contest, trial, competition
ἀγών, ἀγῶνος, ὁ
do wrong, wrong
ἀδικέω, ἀδικήσω, ἠδίκησα, ἠδίκηκα, ἠδίκημαι, ἠδικήθην
unreasoning, unrasonable, irrational
ἄλογος, ἄλογον
foreign, strange, barbarian, non‐greek
βάρβαρος, βάρβαρον
life, livelihood
βίος, βίου, ὁ
god, goddess, divine being
δαίμων, δαίμονος, ὁ or ἡ
hateful, hostile
ἐχθρός, ἐχθρά, ἐχθρόν
win, conquer
νῑκάω, νῑκήσω, ἐνίκησα, νενίκηκα, νενίκημαι, ἐνῑκηθην
ὅδε, ἥδε, τόδε
ὄνομα, ὀνόματος, τό
οὗτος, αὕτη, τοῦτο
thus, so, in this way
trial, attempt, experience
πεῖρα, πείρᾱς, ἡ
experienced (in)
ἔμπειρος, ἔμπειρον (+gen)
experience, practice
ἐμπειρίᾱ, ἐμπειρίᾱς, ἡ
make, do
ποίεω, ποιήσω, ἐποίησα, πεποίηκα, πεποίημαι, ἐποιήθην
σιγή, σιγῆς, ἡ
τῑμάω, τῑμήσω, ἐτίμησα, τετίμηκα, τετίμημαι, ἐτῑμηθην
way, manner, turn
τρόπος, τρόπου, ὁ
ὕδωρ, ὕδατος, τό
over, above
ὑπέρ + acc.
on behalf of, for
ὑπέρ + gen.