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to throw up = nôn ói
I feel terrible – I’ve been THROWing UP all night.
to drink = uống rượu/bia
I would never ever DRINK and drive again.
to be/get addicted to something = nghiện/nghiền cái gì
If you want your children TO BE readers, don't let them GET ADDICTED TO TVs.
it seems (that)... = có vẻ như...
It SEEMS (THAT) he can't come.
to play games = chơi trò chơi
Children are PLAYing GAMES in the schoolyard.
to surf the net = lướt nét, lướt mạng
I spend an hour per day SURFing THE NET.
all night long = thâu đêm suốt sáng
We talked to each other ALL NIGHT LONG.
don't do sth = không làm gì
Why DON'T we have lunch together on Friday?
online games = các trò chơi trực tuyến
In some workplaces, playing ONLINE GAMES will get you fired.
to stay away from somebody/something = tránh xa ai/cái gì
I eat a lot of fruits and vegetable and I STAY AWAY FROM fast food.
to want to do sth = muốn gì
I WANT TO have beefsteak for dinner.
for a while = một chốc, một lúc, một hồi
I just went out FOR A WHILE.
to give up sth = từ bỏ cái gì
Don't offer him a cigarette, he's trying to GIVE UP smoking.
to be sure = chắc chắn, đảm bảo, cam đoan
Are you SURE these figures are right?
to be not sure that ... = không chắc là...
Are you NOT SURE these figures are right?
to be not sure about sth = không chắc về việc gì
If you're NOT SURE ABOUT the information, we'll check it again.
have to do sth = phải làm gì (không còn lựa chọn khác)
I hate having TO get up early in the morning.
to try (to do sth) = cố gắng (làm gì)
She was TRYing not TO cry.
to get mad at somebody = tức giận ai
My boss got MAD AT me because I missed the meeting yesterday.
to answer one’s emails = trả lời thư điện tử của ai
I don’t have time to ANSWER his EMAILS.
to go to work = đi làm
Both of them GO TO WORK everyday, both of them are earning.
to go by car/train/plane etc = đi bằng xe hơi/tàu lửa/máy bay
They’ll be going from London to Paris BY TRAIN.
can do sth = có thể làm gì
I CAN swim well.
to make it/that = thành công; làm được
She made IT in films when she was still a teenager.
to catch the bus = đón/bắt xe buýt
I've run like a maniac to CATCH THE BUS.
to catch sth = bắt được, giữ được cái gì
She CAUGHT the packet of potato chips with one hand.
to have to do sth = phải làm gì đó
I HAVE TO cook dinner.
don't have to do sth = không cần phải làm gì
I DON'T HAVE TO work on Saturday.
make it to do sth = làm việc gì thành công
They almost made IT TO meet the deadline.
to be easy (for somebody) to do something = dễ dàng cho ai làm gì
It’s EASY FOR me TO learn the song by heart.