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to prefer sth = thích cái gì đó hơn
I much PREFER your hair like that.
because = bởi vì
Keep smiling BECAUSE it costs nothing.
to need to do sth = cần làm gì
You NEED TO study hard.
no need to do sth = không cần làm gì
No NEED TO fear what hasn't happened yet.
to worry about = lo lắng về
People WORRY more ABOUT their health than they used to.
to pick sb up = đón ai đó
She is waiting to PICK her son UP at school.
at the airport = tại sân bay
Passengers are advised to check-in AT THE AIRPORT AT least two hours before a scheduled flight.
to worry = lo lắng
There's no need to WORRY just because he's late.
to give sb a ride = cho ai đó quá giang/đi nhờ xe
They gave her A RIDE, and they drove in silence.
to give sb sth = đưa ai cái gì
GIVE your father this letter.
to wait for somebody/something = chờ đợi ai/cái gì
I’ve been WAITing FOR her FOR two hours.
really = thật sự
I never know what my girlfriend REALLY wants.
for so long = quá lâu
I'm waiting FOR you FOR SO LONG.
to feel sick = buồn nôn; muốn ói
I don’t wanna eat anything. I’m FEELing SICK.
to accelerate = tăng tốc
Suddenly, the van ACCELERATEd and shot forward.
to slow down = giảm tốc
SLOW DOWN. You’re driving too fast.
usually = thường xuyên
USUALLY she wears pink.
to slow down sth = làm cái gì chậm lại
The snow on the road SLOWed DOWN the car.
to break into a cold sweat = sợ toát mồ hôi lạnh
I broke INTO A COLD SWEAT when I went to tell my teacher what I had done wrong.
to swerve (suddenly) = lạng lách xe (bất thình lình, bất ngờ)
The car driver SWERVEd to avoid the dog.
to narrowly miss somebody/something = trượt qua ai/cái gì ở cự ly rất gần, suýt trúng ai/cái gì
An asteroid big enough to flatten London will NARROWLY MISS the Earth.
in/into a (cold) sweat = ở vào trạng thái toát mồ hôi hột vì lo sợ hay căng thẳng
I tend to get IN A SWEAT about flying.
suddenly = đột nhiên
I SUDDENLY realized that there was someone following me.
to miss sth = bỏ lỡ cái gì
Today I'm very busy. I MISS lunch.
to forget something = quên cái gì
I FORGOT her phone number.
to push = xô đẩy
Stop PUSHing and just wait for your turn.
to enter the bus = lên xe buýt
The woman, who just ENTERed THE BUS, was a famous writer.
often = thường
How OFTEN do you go jogging a week?
rules of sth = các luật lệ về việc gì
The RULES OF the game are dance inside a circle.
to use public transportation = sử dụng phương tiện giao thông công cộng
Many people USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION to go to work.