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(there are) no other options = không còn giải pháp nào khác
We have to conduct this campaign. There’re NO OTHER OPTIONS.
only = chỉ, duy nhất
She was the ONLY woman to live there.
to use sth = sử dụng cái gì
I always USE the same shampoo.
to close = đóng cửa
From 12 to 2, the store CLOSEs for lunch.
what time...? = mấy giờ
WHAT time are you going out tonight?
to stop doing sth = thôi không làm gì nữa
You should STOP drinking coffee because it can cause addiction.
talk nonsense = nói chuyện bậy bạ
Don't TALK NONSENSE in the meeting.
to get back to sth = quay lại với cái gì
Next week, the kids will GET BACK TO school after the holiday.
to be cheaper = rẻ hơn
I found this old chair for eight dollars on internet. It's CHEAPER in the store.
to be a real bargain = là giá hời
Twenty pounds is A REAL BARGAIN.
to look like sth = trông giống cái gì
She LOOKs LIKE her father.
to be a knockoff = là hàng giả/hàng nhái
That purse is A KNOCKOFF.
at that price = với mức giá đó
You can buy the best of camera, AT THAT PRICE.
to check email = kiểm tra email
He usually CHECKs EMAIL several times a day.
to reply to an email = trả lời mail
My job is checking and REPLYing TO EMAILs.
to go to bed = đi ngủ
You had better GO TO BED now.
to be slippery = trơn trượt
Be careful. The floor is SLIPPERY.
to drive carefully = lái xe cẩn thận
to go somewhere = đi đâu đó, đến một nơi nào đó...
Let’s GO SOMEWHERE nice fordinner.
to come = đến
How did you COME here?
to turn = rẽ
You should TURN right instead of TURNing left at the intersection.
to come to swh = đến nơi nào
Can you COME TO my house?
to let sb do sth = để ai làm gì
LET me explain it again.
to show sb sth = chỉ cho ai cái gì
Don't miss this opportunity to SHOW them your products and services.
myself = chính tôi. Dùng khi muốn nhấn mạnh
I MYSELF dream of becoming a firefighter some day.
to go swh = to go to a place = đi đến đâu
There's nothing more we can do here. Let's GO home.
to show sb the way = chỉ đường cho ai
Can you SHOW me THE WAY to THE hospital?
to stop the car = dừng xe
I don’t know how to STOP THE CAR.
to stop sth = dừng cái gì
He STOPped the car and called Tom.
at once = ngay lập tức
Don't worry, I'll give him a call AT ONCE.