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to smell sth = ngửi thấy cái gì
If you can SMELL gas, don't smoke or strike matches.
to be burning = cháy
Parts of the building are still BURNING.
to be fined = bị phạt tiền
You will BE FINED if you drive after drinking alcohol?
It's OK to do something = ổn/bình thường/không sao khi làm chuyện gì
Are you saying it’s OK TO lie TO your children?
to park = đậu xe
It's almost impossible to PARK your car in the Amsterdam center streets.
is it OK to do sth = làm gì có được không?
Is IT OK TO take pictures in the museum?
to see sth = nhìn thấy cái gì
The moment he SAW the house, he knew he wanted to buy it.
too often = rất thường xuyên
If stress happens TOO OFTEN, it can have bad effects.
all too + adj/adv = quá... (quá mức cần thiết, dùng để nhấn mạnh nghĩa tiêu cực)
The holidays flew by ALL TOO quickly.
crash (n) = vụ va chạm, vụ đụng xe
Her family were only slightly injured in the CRASH.
all too often = quá thường xuyên
She goes shopping ALL TOO OFTEN.
traffic sign = biển báo giao thông
The rain is heavy. I can't see the TRAFFIC SIGN.
may + verb) = có lẽ/có thể làm gì
I MAY not be able to play on Saturday.
one of + the/tính từ sở hữu + plural noun = một trong số cái gì
ONE OF my broTHErs is Peter.
to work = hoạt động
Does the clock WORK well?
to pull sb over = kêu ai đó tấp xe vào lề
If you commit a traffic infraction, the police can PULL you OVER to write a ticket.
to not work = không hoạt động
The air conditioner didn't WORK 3 days ago.
cop = cảnh sát (theo lối nói thông thường, bình dân)
Quick. Call the COP.
to pull over = tấp vào lề
Just PULL OVER here, and I'll walk.
brake light = đèn báo hiệu thắng
The car's BRAKE LIGHT had been bashed in.
to forget to do sth = quên làm gì
I forgot TO invite him.
don't forget to do sth = nhớ làm gì
DON'T FORGET TO close the door.
to lock sth up = khóa tất cả cửa của cái gì để người khác không vào được
LOCK your car UP and take valuables with you.
to lock the car up = khóa cửa xe hơi lại
Could you LOCK THE CAR UP for me?
don't forget to do sth = nhớ làm gì, đừng quên làm gì
DON'T FORGET TO close the window when you leave.
to know sth = biết cái gì
They KNOW all the old dances.
do you know where... = bạn có biết... ở đâu không?
Do YOU KNOW WHERE he lives?
to know where/how/what... = biết ở đâu/làm sao/cái gì...
She doesn't KNOW WHERE to go.
bus station = trạm xe buýt
I want to get off at the next BUS STATION.
to not know sth = không biết gì
I don’t KNOW his name.