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should + verb = có thể xảy ra, có lẽ...
She SHOULD be back at any time.
to be sorry = cảm thấy tiếc về điều gì
I'm SORRY he is out now.
over there = ở đằng kia
to know (that) = biết (rằng)
I KNOW I won't pass the exam.
on your left = ở bên trái/phía tay trái của bạn
When you come out of the lift, my office is the third door ON YOUR LEFT.
to go straight = đi thẳng
Go STRAIGHT and you will see it on the right.
to pass sth = vượt qua/đi ngang qua cái gì
There are regular buses that PASS the market.
to take sth = chọn cái gì đó
She TAKEs a gift for her son.
can't do sth = không thể làm gì
I CAN'T speak Chinese.
Could you + verb = Bạn/Anh/Chị... có thể... không? (dùng khi nhờ ai làm gì một cách lịch sự)
COULD YOU do me a favor?
to tell sb sth = nói cho ai biết cái gì
Please TELL me the truth.
the way to somewhere = đường tới đâu
This is THE WAY TO my house.
post office = bưu điện
Take this package to the POST OFFICE.
to find sth = tìm thấy cái gì
Have you FOUND your shoes?
on the right (of) = phía bên phải
Her house is ON THE RIGHT OF THE street.
crossroad/crossroads = ngã tư
I saw her at the CROSSROADs.
to cross sth = đi qua khỏi cái gì
Do be careful when you CROSS the road.
to take the road = đi đường này
wooden = làm bằng gỗ
Stir the soup with a WOODEN spoon.
bridge = cây cầu
We drove over the BRIDGE.
to keep doing sth = tiếp tục làm gì
Don’t KEEP interrupting me.
turn right = rẽ phải
TURN RIGHT at the traffic lights.
to take sth = đi đường/cầm lấy cái gì
I do not think it is a good idea to TAKE something that is not yours.
to get to somewhere = đến được nơi nào
It's better TO GET TO the station 1 hour earlier, during the peak season.
plenty of... = rất nhiều...
There is PLENTY OF time.
the back of sth = phía sau của cái gì
Who bumped into THE BACK OF my car?
room = không gian, chỗ trống.
I hope there's going to be enough ROOM in the fridge.
to get off the bus = xuống xe buýt
Don't GET OFF THE BUS while it's moving.
to get off sth (bus/plane/train) = xuống khỏi phương tiện đi lại như xe buýt, máy bay, tàu hỏa
Where will we GET OFF the TRAIN?
department store = cửa hàng tạp hóa
He gets a job at a DEPARTMENT STORE.