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Noun vocabulary and counting to ten in each noun c

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One (no object)
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umwana umwe
one child (Class 1)
abana babiri
two children (Class 1)
abantu bangahe?
how many people? (Class 1)
abakozi batatu
three workers (Class 1)
abagore bane
four women (Class 1)
abantu batanu
five people (Class 1)
abasaza batandatu
six old men (Class 1)
abaganga barindwi
seven doctors (Class 1)
abahinzi munani
eight farmers (Class 1)
abashoferi cyenda
nine drivers (Class 1)
abakecuru cumi
ten old women (Class 1)
umutima umwe
one heart (Class 2)
imitima ibiri
two hearts (Class 2)
imiriro itatu
three fires/electricity (Class 2)
ufite imitwe ingahe?
how many heads do you have? (Class 2)
imihanda ine
four roads (Class 2)
imigati itanu
five breads (Class 2)
imitwe itandatu
six heads (Class 2)
imisozi irindwi
seven hills (Class 2)
imyenda munani
eight garments (Class 2)
iminsi cyenda
nine days (Class 2)
imicyo cumi
ten lights (Class 2)
Imana imwe
One God (Class 3)
Inka ebyiri
Two cows (Class 3)
Ufite inka zingahe?
How many cows do you have? (Class 3)
Mfite inka eshatu
I have three cows (Class 3)
inzu enye
Four houses (Class 3)
Intebe eshanu
Five chairs (Class 3)
Imbwa esheshatu
Six dogs (Class 3)
Inzira zirindwi
Seven paths (Class 3)
Inyama munani
Eight (pieces of) meat (Class 3)
Imodoka cyenda
Nine cars (Class 3)
Isahane cumi
Ten plates/dishes (Class 3)
Ikintu kimwe
one thing (Class 4)
Ibintu bibiri
two things (Class 4)
Ibijumba bitatu
three sweet potatoes (Class 4)
ibitabo bine
four books (Class 4)
ibirenge bitanu
five feet (Class 4)
Ufite ibirenge bingahe?
How many feet do you have? (Class 4)
ibihugu bitandatu
six countries (Class 4)
ibyaha birindwi
seven sins (Class 4)
ibyobo munani
eight holes (in the ground) (Class 4)
ibiti cyenda
nine trees (Class 4)
ibisimba cumi
ten insects (Class 4)
izuba rimwe
one sun (Class 5)
amagi abiri
two eggs (Class 5)
amagi angahe?
how many eggs? (Class 5)
amabuye atatu
three stones (Class 5)
amaso ane
four eyes (Class 5)
amagambo atanu
five words (Class 5)
amenyo atandatu
six teeth (Class 5)
amafaranga arindwi
seven francs (Class 5)
amafaranga angahe?
how many francs? (Class 5)
amashuri munani
eight schools (Class 5)
amazuru cyenda
nine noses (Class 5)
amaziko cumi
ten fireplaces (Class 5)
urukundo rumwe
one love (Class 6)
ingi ebyiri
two doors (Class 6)
intoki eshatu
three fingers (Class 6)
ingo enye
four homes (Class 6)
inzi eshanu
five rivers (Class 6)
inbaho esheshatu
six boards/slates (Class 6)
inkwi zirindwi
seven pieces of firewood (Class 6)
intoki zingahe?
how many fingers? (Class 6)
inrimi munani
eight tongues/languages (Class 6)
inzuki cyenda
nine bees (Class 6)
inzara cumi
ten fingernails, toe nails (Class 6)
akabati kamwe
one cupboard (Class 7)
uduntu tubiri
two little things (Class 7 used as diminutive)
utwana dutatu
three small kids (Class 7 used as diminutive)
utuduka tune
four small cars (Class 7 used as diminutive)
uduka dutanu
five small cows (Class 7 used as diminutive)
Ufite utubati tungahe?
How many cupboards do you have? (Class 7)
utuzu dutandatu
six small houses (Class 7 used as diminutive)
udutebe turindwi
seven small chairs (Class 7 used as diminutive)
udusahane umunani
eight small dishes (Class 7 used as diminutive)
udutabo cyenda
nine small books (Class 7 used as diminutive)
udukombe cumi
ten small cups (Class 7 used as diminutive)
ubwenge bumwe
one wisdom (Class 8)
amato abiri
two boats (Class 8)
amariri atatu
three beds (Class 8)
amatumwa byiza ane
four holy gospels (Class 8)
amasore atanu
five youths (Class 8)
amato angahe?
how many boats? (Class 8)
amariri atandatu
six beds (Class 8)
amato arindwi
seven boats (Class 8)
amariri munani
eight beds (Class 8)
amato cyenda
nine boats (Class 8)
amariri cumi
ten beds (Class 8)
ukuri kumwe
One truth (Class 9)
amaboko abiri
two arms (Class 9)
amaguru atatu
three legs (Class 9)
amatwi ane
four ears (Class 9)
amaha atanu
five armpits (Class 9)
amezi atandatu
six months, moons (Class 9)
amezi angahe?
How many months? (Class 9)
amaguru arindwi
seven legs (Class 9)
amatwi munani
eight ears (Class 9)
amaboko cyenda
nine arms (Class 9)
amaha cumi
ten armpits (Class 9)
ahantu hamwe
one place (Class 10)
ahantu habiri
two places (Class 10)
ahantu hatatu
three places (Class 10)
ahantu hane
four places (Class 10)
ahantu hatanu
five places (Class 10)
ahantu hangahe?
how many places? (Class 10)
ahantu hatandatu
six places (Class 10)
ahantu harindwi
seven places (Class 10)